Monday, November 20, 2017

Packaging your perfume when you have no money -- ebook

    I've already written a bit about packaging your perfume when you have no money for packaging. I've put some of what I've already written into a small ebook that I'm selling at my website. I've added a few details that weren't in the original article along with some real world examples -- with photos -- of what I've seen done.

    The purpose of all this is to help someone -- perhaps yourself -- turn a hobby interest into a professional and commercial product. Packaging is one important step along the way.

    We are exposed to hundreds of smells daily. Walk by a perfume counter and you may be exposed to half a dozen or more fragrances. Likewise in certain public places you'll smell perfume in the air although you may not be able to determine who is wearing it.

    But do any of these smells make an emotional connection with you? When you smell a perfume you like in the air, will you go from person to person asking, "Are you the one whose perfume I'm smelling?" ... "I like it and want to know what it's called."

    It is far more likely that any emotional connection you make with a perfume will come from an emotional connection you have with the source of the fragrance -- the personality or company in whose name it is being marketed. The secondary likely factor in making that emotional connection is the "look" of the fragrance -- how it is presented in its packaging.

    You with your new perfume may not yet have a personality or brand with emotional pull so you'll need to focus on your packaging.

    If you've raised the funds to produce 10,000 bottles of your new perfume, you have, no doubt, budgeted some of your money for a box and nice graphics so that your fragrance will have a good professional, commercial look.

    If you're producing only 25, 50, or maybe 100 bottles of your new perfume, it's unlikely that you'll have money to spend for a custom-fitted, professional looking box.

    If you want to dress up your fragrance to give it a bit of push when you put it up for sale, you'll have to find another way to dress it up and that is what this small ebook is about. It's called "Packaging your perfume when you're selling to stores and you have no money for packaging" and this is a shameless pitch. But I would welcome your feedback on what information would be helpful to you when you're trying to launch your business by launching a new perfume.


-- Phil


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