Monday, June 26, 2017

Perfume Production Up Close (Video)

Last week I posted a video on YouTube showing the production of 900 ml of a new fragrance. The video shows both the production of the oil -- 135 ml, from a formula which is shown -- and then the mixing of the oil, water, and alcohol.

The video is posted here.

The "footnotes" to the video are posted here.

And -- for your amusement only -- a "fail" in producing the video is posted here.

Or just view it here:

Thanks for your interest.

-- Phil

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Perfume Production: weight vs volume

    I posted a second YouTube video, this one showing how I converted a "drops to grams to percents" formula to a volume (milliliters) measurement to allow me to produce my fragrance by liters or gallons (or milliliters or fluid ounces).

    The point is, it is easier to develop a formula by the weights of the aroma materials you are using. But when you want to produce a few liters or gallons, it is easier to measure your alcohol and water by volume. But what about your fragrance oil?

    By knowing the weight of a liter (or milliliter, or fluid ounce, or gallon) of your oil, you can calculate the weight you'll need to produce to fill a certain volume.

    I've discussed this on my PerfumeProjects website but the video tells all:

    Thanks for your interest.

-- Phil