Thursday, October 9, 2014

Prove you can do it

You want your own perfume but, if you had it, could you sell it? How would you go about it? That's the challenge of the "Marketer Most Likely To Sell The Most Perfume" contest.

    The "entry form" is a plan -- a realistic plan -- that shows how you would -- and could -- do it, if only you had your own perfume to sell.

    The prize is "your own" perfume -- a perfume with your name, artwork, and logo on it.

    But you can't win if you don't enter. And you can't enter if you aren't registered.

    Now some would say, "What is this perfume you're going to give me if I win?" I have been asked that question. My answer is, "it doesn't matter." When people line up to buy a new perfume from their favorite celebrity, do they really care about the scent? Do they have any appreciation for the scent? The fact is that regardless of the scent, without the celebrity's name on the bottle, they wouldn't be buying it.

    My contest is for people who understand this aspect of marketing -- people who know that it's the story that will sell a new perfume, as long as the perfume itself is nice -- and this one is. End of story. I'm looking for marketers, people who can get it done, not "perfume reviewers" who stand on the sidelines without ever getting their hands into it.

    Contest ends October 31, 2014.

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    Register here.