Friday, June 20, 2014

Contest: Marker Most Likely To Sell The Most Perfume

    I'm organizing a little contest this summer for the "Marketer Most Likely To Sell The Most Perfume," with the winner receiving some (free) perfume to sell.

    The details of the contest will be coming out in July. They will be announced at my Perfume Strategies website and through my "Perfume Strategies You Missed This Month" (free) newsletter.

    The purpose of the contest is to identify someone -- who may not even think of themselves as a marketer, much less a marketer of perfume -- who really does have the ability to sell a bit of perfume, if they can muster up a bit of creative thinking.

    The winner will get set up with a "starter" quantity of perfume -- with their own chosen brand name and labeling -- all for free. If they really can sell perfume, more of the same will be available at a price that works for both of us.

    I invite you to follow the announcements for this "Summer of 2014" contest, on our website or free newsletter. You may want to enter yourself and admission to this contest if FREE.