Monday, January 13, 2020

This hands-on project will teach you everything about perfume

Create a perfume on your own for around $500

     If you have a fascination with perfume and aspire to become either a creator or a marketer or a perfume, this simple student project will give you a depth of understanding of perfume; its creation and its marketing. Execute this simple student project and you’ll never fear the "mysteries" of perfume again.

    Some years ago after a successful $2,000 project, I wanted to see how little money it could cost to develop a ready-to-sell perfume. My initial findings were that, at that time, it could be done for under $200. But within a few years some of the good sources of materials, bottles and pumps in particular, changed their minimum order policies and when I rewrote the book, I took $500 as the minimum it might cost you to produce a fragrance of your own, a fragrance that, potentially, you could sell.

    Today this "$500" book, How To Make Your First Perfume For Under $500, is available to you from me as a free download in pdf format. This book will walk you through the steps, guide you through vendors and materials, and give you a perfume or cologne of your own, to sell if you wish.

    To follow the steps in this book you do not need the perfumer's skill of creating a scent from raw materials. If you are a fragrance creator, you can use one of your own scents in this project but, for most, you'll want to do what major fragrance marketers do, which is to have the scent supplied by an outside vendor.

    By undertaking this simple, inexpensive student project, you'll find yourself confronting each of the decisions that must be addressed when conceptualizing and producing a perfume or cologne. Your goal in this project is not to set the world on fire with the wonders of the scent you have bottled and the beauty of the packaging you have given it. Your goal is simply to produce a real perfume or cologne, a product in a bottle you can show and share with others.

    So take advantage of the book offer. Download it, read through it, make your plan and execute this "student project." When you've done it you'll feel comfortable when challenged to develop a perfume or cologne for a project of any size, with any budget.

    And let me know how it works for you.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Could you develop a business producing and selling automobile air fresheners?

    Personally I hate them and would never want one in my car. But when someone is a heavy smoker they can clear the air a bit. But that's not the important point here. The "virtue" of automobile air fresheners is that they are a fragranced product that doesn't have a problem in going through the mail. They aren't "liquid"; they aren't "hazardous material." You can ship them to anyone, anywhere ... and they are light.

    To make a business with perfume you have to make sales. This is why so many independent fragrance companies offer soap and candles to supplement their revenue from perfumes and colognes. If you want to embrace perfume as a business it pays to explore a wide range of opportunities for getting your product "out there" profitably. Look at what producing automobile air fresheners involves.

Shape, Printing, Fragrance

    Air fresheners amount to no more than a die cut SHAPE with PRINTING and infused with FRAGRANCE. Just as there are many shops that will produce custom printed t-shirts for you, there are a number of shops that will produce custom air fresheners for you. Here is a list of a few of them.

    As with any new venture, you study it by examining what others are doing. Here, you might start by ordering small quantity of custom air fresheners. Then you can see what it's like to sell them but you can also begin to explore the possibilities of making them yourself.

    Your first step might be working with an artist to develop the graphics and shape of the air fresheners. Remember here that unknowns have come out of nowhere to make their millions selling t-shirts thanks to their unique artwork for which, of course, they register copyrights.

    While selling air fresheners produced by an existing supplier you can experiment with the elements on a small scale. Working backward, the packaging is simple shrink wrap. The paper to be infused? You'll have to do your research but by having your samples from "the other guy" you can ask around to local printers and commercial printers tend to be quite knowledgeable about papers, how they hold ink and how they will behave when infused with the scent.

    About the scents themselves, you'll have to get technical due to the special demands of this media. You'll be scenting a printed product so the scenting must coexist with the printers inks used. You will also be required to produce a fragrance that maintains its aroma over a long period of time, essentially unchanged. And you'll have to develop a fragrance that can withstand the changing conditions within an automobile. Direct sunshine can be a problem but your air fresheners will also be expected to work flawlessly in a cold automobile. Your hope lies in providing a great enough "cool factor" that can obscure some of your initial shortcomings. Then when you start making sales, you can clean up these problems.


    A good start is to research, locally, the shops that sell automobile air fresheners. Make lists Do some of them look like they might try a new air freshener from a new vendor? You also want to research shops that don't currently sell air fresheners (because they are considered "yucky") but might take on yours if it has the right look and the right fragrance.

    And there is the business of providing custom auto air fresheners for businesses (car washes perhaps?) If your product is good, an "imprinted" air freshener could be an interesting substitute for imprinted pens.

    These are just ideas. What can you do with them? Give me your feedback here.