Thursday, July 18, 2019

How to make your own perfume for under $500

    These notes are about a book I wrote in 2011 and am now offering free -- as a pdf download. You don't even have to leave your email to get it.

    I have suggested that this book is "ideal for test marketing, gift giving, or just a personal project" and it can help you become a perfume entrepreneur -- without having to raise start-up money. It gives you a clear path forward.

    I wrote this book back in 2011 but reading it over again -– in 2019 –- I find it is still an excellent guide for the person who has no money and no investors but wants to be involved in selling their own perfume ... or just developing a nice gift for friends ... or have the satisfaction of having produced their own perfume in a "commercial" way.

    There are a few changes I would make if I was to revise the book today. The suggested 'fragrance to alcohol' ratio is too high. I would cut it in half. There isn't enough discussion on water in perfume but for that you can read "Water in perfume: Why? What? How much?". The "Resources" page is outdated but you can find current vendors here. The Perfume Makers Club no longer exists. I burned out after publishing the 100th issue of the Club's monthly newsletter but many of the Club's most important resources can now be found on this website. Follow the links on the main menu. And, if making perfume is of serious interest to you, the books featured below can be quite helpful. Meanwhile, you can download "How To Make Your First Perfume For Under $500" in pdf format here. It's my free gift to you.

Other books you could find helpful:

    Perfume Production Checklist
    Creating Your Own Perfume With A 1700 Percent Markup!
    Creating your own perfume from dropper bottles: Methods, mechanics, and mathematics

You might also find these (free) articles quite helpful:

    Converting grams to milliliters
    Scaling up: From drops to liters

Best wishes for your work with perfume!

-- Phil