Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The end of Confusion (II)

The Music

The fragrance
     I've written about the rise of Confusion II as a perfume intended for a marketing test. Perhaps I've not said much about the test itself but now a pretty explicit report has been made available to members of the Perfume Makers & Marketers Club in our February newsletter.

    As you can read it there (by becoming a Club member) I won't go into all the details here. But I will give you an abbreviated version of the story, without the numbers, so to speak.

    My plan for Confusion II was to find a band or performer who would make it their own and market it on their "merch table" at gigs and, through their online store, if they had one.

    The recruiting details and outcomes appear in the Club newsletter article but I can announce here that I have found the group I was looking for and last Saturday "Confusion II" made its first appearance as Children of the Rhythm by The Big Takeover, a reggae/ska/rock band out of New Paltz, New York, although members are scattered around the region.

    The new name of the fragrance, Children of the Rhythm, is simply the name of the band's new CD. Both are available at the band's gigs and at their online store.

    And both are getting excellent reviews!

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