Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Perhaps a separate project"

    I wrote recently about staying on track with your perfume vision and not being put off course by the chance event that you produced a "nice" smell that wasn't the smell you were seeking.

    Don't discard that nice smell! Just separate it out from the project on hand. Perhaps at some time in the future it can become a project of its own.

    The wonder of perfumery is that, as you work, so many doors open. It's a little like doing a Google search where one interesting piece of information leads you to another. How easy it is to become distracted!

    So, as I said in the first article, it is essential to stay focused, to stay on topic, to stay the course of developing the perfume you set out to develop.

    But these other happy smells, set them aside. Let them become part of your "idea" library. At some time on the future you might recall a particular one and, FLASH, realize that it is the perfect starting point for a NEW project.

    And then, if it becomes a new project, give it the same focus and intensity you gave the original project from which it was rejected.

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