Monday, February 25, 2013

Turn your favorite formula into a solid perfume

    Two issues got me started on solid perfume. First, I wanted to offer inexpensive samples of my regular fragrances. The alternatives were a small spray vial or a solid perfume.

    The spray vials I use for sampling are great but they're glass and can break when dropped. Additionally, the "fill" is about 2 ml so they generally get used up in a week or less if someone is experimenting with the fragrance.

    A solid perfume may cost a bit more to produce but even a small solid perfume can last for weeks, or even months. A dab provides a nice, long lasting fragrance. Each use consumes very little of the perfume.

    So, from a consumer's point of view, the solid perfume can be a better deal. More usage for the money. But there's another point in favor of the solid perfume and this resolves that second issue -- shipping.

    My glass spray samples are easy enough to ship but, being liquid inside of glass, they have to be wrapped with some care. And, from a public relations point of view, their small size is unimpressive when the package is opened.

    For the solid perfumes, you can just pop them into a padded bag and put them in the mail. The postage (here in the USA) is quite affordable. Even postage for an international order won't break the bank.

    For more about how I put my solid perfumes together, read Formulas and line extensions.

    But there's more to this plan. However you slice it, shipping is a significant cost for the buyer. But, as these solid perfumes are LIGHT, a buyer can sample a number of different fragrances in a single order without bumping up the shipping charge.

    On top of that, there are discounts, discounts for buying more than a single solid fragrance. And the way the shopping cart is set up, the customer can get the same discounts regardless of whether they are ordering more than one of the same fragrance or one of each of several different fragrances.

    I invite you to look over the strategies I've used as you might find them helpful in your own perfume business.

    My solid perfume sampler and the strategy described here can be found at my website.

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