Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Perfumer's Workbook, Screen Shots

The Perfumer's Workbook is a fragrance creation computer program that has many of the features you might expect to find at a major F&F house with the difference being a very affordable price for the work alone, independent perfumer. Thanks to an arrangement with PerfumersWorld, we are now offering the latest version of this software (32 & 64-bit Windows and Mac) at our website.

But whether or not this is something you might buy, if you are a designer of perfume, a perfumer, a composer, it is well worth your while to study the features of this software as, in the long run, its modest cost could save you a good deal of time and energy ... and save you from wasting valuable (costly) aroma materials.

So I've started a series of articles on The Perfumer's Workbook demonstrating its screens and features. Today I posted a (second) screen shot of the installed database. The featured aroma material on this screen shot was Aldehyde C-10, a material many are already familiar with, at least in name. The screen shot shown (I call it "View 1") gives some information on Aldehyde C-10, its common uses, and materials that it blends well with. Also there is a usage range, the amounts of Aldehyde C-10 that might typically go into a fine fragrance (although this is subject to revising by the use of your own nose.)

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