Friday, December 19, 2008

Pink perfume? This has to be the reason!

Suppose you are introducing a new perfume -- on an absolutely tiny scale, a scale so small that it would be a real drag on (potential!) profits to order special bottles ... and pumps.

Spray pumps, in small quantities (1,000 or fewer) aren't exactly cheap. Worse still, limited styles are available because you'll generally need a screw-on pump rather than the "crimp style" pumps used by ALL major fragrance marketers (unless you want to shell out about $2,500 for a "one at a time" manual crimp machine!)

But suppose you have -- in your inventory -- several thousand "bulb style" fine mist sprayers. And suppose you hand a generous supply of 2 ounce bottles to which these bulb sprayers will fit quite nicely. Then -- the icing on the cake -- suppose you also have a good supply of screw-on caps that will fit your 2 ounce bottles, to using during shipping as spray bulbs, if attached to the bottle, will leak in transit.

Then the only problem is that ALL of your beautiful spray bulbs are ... hot pink!

Now do you understand the dilemma?

Taken together, my bottles and spray bulbs look quite nice -- and are nicely functional. But what about the image? How do you fight against hot pink? And these hot pink spray bulbs did not take well to dying when I attempted to change the color of one.

Would it be better then to have a pink perfume?

The result is Pink Gardenia. The perfume may not be quite as pink as the spray bulb but at least it suggests that direction.

But perhaps next time I buy a large quantity of spray bulbs I'll be sure to get another color!

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